Free Multi-Point Inspection

Get a Free Multi-Point Inspection in Tucson

Our goal is to make owning a vehicle as easy as it can be, having your Volkswagen run its best for years to come. Our service department offers free multi-point inspections so that you will always be able to look out for the condition of your vehicle. The trained technicians at our dealership will be able to find any potential problems, solving them before they become an issue.

Why to Get a Free Multi-Point Inspection?

If having a team look over your vehicle without having to pay doesn't sound enticing already, there are several other reasons as to why your Volkswagen model should come to our dealership for an inspection.

The multi-point inspection looks over all the most essential components, giving you a general idea of the overall condition of your car, wagon, or SUV. After looking over the oil levels, tire conditions, brake conditions, and the condition of other essential functions, we will give you a guideline of how to proceed and what work, if any, needs to be done.

When is the Right Time for an Inspection in Tucson?

If you notice your vehicle performing strangely, any unusual smells, bumps or noises, or other such out-of-the-ordinary activities, you should visit our dealership for a free multi-point inspection. While these are good signs of when you should come, you are more than welcome to visit if you don't notice any of these and just want to get a checkup on your Volkswagen.

We Look Forward to Helping You

To help meet our goal of reducing as much stress as we can from owning a vehicle, we are excited to see some of you visit for a free preventative multi-point inspection. Our trained technicians will be able to work with you and can help you stay confident whenever you are behind the wheel.


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