Fuel Filter Replacement

When You Need a New Fuel filter, We Have You Covered at Larry H. Miller Volkswagen Tucson

The fuel filter is an important part of your Volkswagen but might tend to go unnoticed unless you are quite well-versed in automotive technology. The fuel filter works to deliver clean and healthy fuel to your gas tank while keeping the fuel injectors protected simultaneously. As a result, over time, this component can be subject to clogging and other types of wear-and-tear and it should ultimately be replaced once every two years or once every 30,000 miles, whichever milestone occurs first. When you need a new fuel filter, we have one waiting here in our parts center at Larry H. Miller Volkswagen Tucson in Tucson, AZ. Order the part you need through our parts center or contact our service center to schedule a replacement appointment.

Your Fuel Filter and You

Some shoppers, who are not mechanics or mechanically-inclined themselves, may not know about the fuel filter and its importance. Like many other substances, gasoline can be tainted and tarnished quite easily, either through the grime from the gas tanks they are held in at fuel stations or simply through air contaminants which might get in through the gas-cap before you finish pumping gas. The fuel filter system resembles an old-fashioned watering or pesticide can you would see in an old movie, complete with a cylinder base, a long hose running off of the top and two smaller hoses sticking out of the top, all of which help regulate fuel going in and out of the gas tank.

This system keeps the fuel free of airborne contaminants and excess moisture which can dilute unleaded or premium gasoline. Ultimately, the fuel filtering system is used every time you start up your Volkswagen, so if you drive more frequently, you might want to consider getting it replaced before the two-year/30,000-mile minimum.


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Replace Your Fuel Filter When Needed!

Once you hit that point, be sure to schedule a replacement for a new fuel filter, so that you can prevent any unexpected stalls or shutdowns which come from unfiltered gasoline in your Volkswagen. Schedule an appointment today and be sure to check out our parts coupons offered right now at Larry H. Miller Volkswagen Tucson for ways to save. See you soon!

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