A Popular Choice for Drivers of All Ages: The 2019 Volkswagen Passat

Each year, it seems like the Volkswagen brand comes out with a wide assortment of cars that reach a broad audience of customers looking for safety, fuel efficiency, speed, and great style. The 2019 Volkswagen Passat is a midsize sedan that checks off all categories and can be a useful car for virtually any occasion! Once you step inside this roomy midsize sedan and start up the engine, you will see why so many drivers, of all ages, turn to Volkswagen to drive them places, with a true experience of style, comfort, and thrill.

This sporty new midsize sedan made its grand debut in North America back in 2011 and has evolved over the years with new powertrains, technologies, and safety features being introduced and discontinued as times changed. The 2019 Volkswagen Passat not only offers style, it offers simplicity and features one powertrain and two available trim levels, eliminating the hassle of choosing through a laundry list of trims and packages. You can enjoy the new Passat in either the Wolfsburg Edition or the SE R-Line, with each trim offering a premium selection of great technology.

 A Turbo Boost Gives You Performance and Excitement!

While many people may be comfortable with a typical four-cylinder engine, the Volkswagen Passat sets itself apart from many other midsize sedans of its class with a smooth performance and an acceleration that may give you chills! The Passat is powered by a standard 2.0-liter, 174-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder engine which kicks up an exceptional 184 pound-feet of engine torque and features a twin-scroll intercooler (TSI) unlike many other conventional four-cylinder models, the intercooler and turbocharger offer excellent fuel efficiency as they allow the engine to cool itself with increased air intake and help to recycle energy which would otherwise be wasted. The result is a smooth and rapid acceleration when you first take off and some extra long-term fuel economy with lowered emissions. In fact, this engine enables the Passat to travel an EPA-estimated 25 miles to the gallon in the city and 36 miles to the gallon on the highway, which is considerably more economy than most luxury sedans these days can boast!

Looking for a fun way to drive like a performance race car driver without the hassle of manually shifting gears? Then you may enjoy the standard six-speed automatic transmission that enables the engine to jump from zero to 60 quite efficiently with available Sport mode and paddle-shifters giving you the feel of operating a stick shift without having to learn one.

Enjoy the Drive, No Matter Where the Road Takes You!

Whether you are showing off the new ride to your friends or taking the kids out for a cruise, you will enjoy the satisfaction of knowing they are comfortable in this midsize sedan, which is a popular choice among families and young drivers alike thanks to its 109 cubic feet passenger capacity, with lots of head room and shoulder room for everyone to enjoy! However, your comfort does not end with the interior space, the Passat also features some excellent available amenities for you and your passengers to enjoy as you cruise. Up front, you and your copilot can take control of your own comfort with the available Climatronic® dual-zone climate control, which automatically adjusts to keep the whole car at an agreeable temperature, as well as heated front seat settings for when the weather in your area starts to get colder.

Safety is Essential and Standard

No matter what age you are, your safety is always of paramount concern and, while a car can be replaced, you and your passengers cannot be, which is why the 2019 Passat comes reinforced with some excellent safety features and comes available with many driver-assist features to help prevent accidents from occurring. Standard safety features of both trims include a rearview camera system, Blind Spot Monitor and Front Collision Assist, Automatic Post Collision Braking System, a high-strength safety cage, and a variety of stability enhancing systems including Electronic Stability Control. Thanks to these standard protective features, the 2019 Passat has earned some accolades from well-regarded new car assessment programs, including an "Advanced" rating in Front Crash Prevention by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and a full five-star overall safety rating by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

While these features may be sufficient for some, if you want to enjoy the most helpful driver-assist technology that the Passat has to offer, then the SE R-Line has got your back with available safety applications including:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • LED headlights
  • Forward Collision Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane Keeping Assist System
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Technology for the Music and Information Lovers!

Drivers of many ages can take interest in the Passat's available technological amenities, which transcend the realm of safety and can help to keep you entertained as well as informed on the journey ahead. Many of us love to throw on our favorite tunes, whether you like enjoy classic smooth jazz or bass-pumping electronic dance music, and everything in between. The new Volkswagen Passat gives you exactly the right tools to enjoy your playlists and so much more, with Volkswagen App-Connect, which includes full smartphone integration through Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. Speaking of bass-pumping, if you are a music-lover who wants to enjoy the rickets sound quality possible through this midsize sedan, you might enjoy the available Fender® Premium Audio System, which pumps out 400 watts of power, with concert-level sound quality through all of its speakers. Available on this midsize sedan is the VW Car-Net® Guide & Inform navigational system, with real-time traffic and updates to weather patterns, so you can stay informed throughout the entirety of your next commute or road trip.


See What the Passat is All About!

Thanks to its eager performance, interior space, technology, and safety, 2019 Volkswagen Passat shows that sometimes the popular choice can also be the right one. With all of these features, and Volkswagen's comprehensive People First bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage, there are a great many reasons why you should welcome the 2019 Volkswagen Passat into your life. Test drive this new midsize sedan today and see for yourself!family in to, the Volkswagen Passat will not let you down. Head to your area Volkswagen dealership and test drive the 2019 Volkswagen Passat today!

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