Think New with Volkswagen. Now you can control your vehicle with the touch of a button; or no touch at all.  With Future Technologies, look forward to plenty of useful features and lots of convenience.
Remote Parking from Volkswagen.

 Guide your Volkswagen into a parking space without sitting in the vehicle. 

With Remote Parking you'll never need to ask yourself whether you can get out in a narrow garage or parking space. Instead you can simply pilot your Volkswagen into the space using a remote control or smartphone app. The system starts the engine on your signal and parks the car itself. You don't have to be sitting in the car. Remote Parking from Volkswagen was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in Las Vegas and is not yet available.

Gesture Control from Volkswagen. 

Soon you won't need buttons or switches on the dashboard.

Volkswagen's Innovative Gesture Control lets you open your sunroof just by moving your hand. A 3D camera in the roof lining combined with intelligent sensors detects your hand movements.